Tooth Fillings Geelong

A comprehensive dental examination in our Geelong clinic may diagnose decay in your tooth or teeth, or you may need to have an existing filling replaced because it is damaged or causing problems.

The role of a tooth filling is to replace the missing and damaged tooth structure. While there are many different options available, there are basically two main types of tooth fillings used –

White Fillings: These are tooth-coloured and have the ability to bond to the tooth. They are always used in front teeth and often used in premolars and molars where aesthetic considerations are important and function is not compromised.

Amalgam Fillings: These are silver-coloured and are very strong and durable. They are most commonly used in back molar teeth where significant amounts of tooth structure has been lost and the tooth is subject to heavy bite forces.

The dentists at Wyatt Ryan Dental will discuss your treatment options with you. This will be based on your preferences, clinical findings, current scientific evidence, and what is best for the long-term health of your teeth.

For a routine dental check-up or if you have any concerns about a possible cavity or tooth pain, contact our friendly team and make an appointment with one of our dentists in Geelong. We can also help with cosmetic dentistry such as  teeth whitening.