Tooth Extractions Geelong

The prospect of having a tooth extracted is not greeted with enthusiasm by anyone, but, unfortunately, there are times when this procedure is necessary.

Our dentists will always make every effort to save a tooth from extraction, whether through root canal therapy (endodontics), restorations (fillings, crowns), gum disease treatment, or a number of other dental procedures at our Geelong dental practice.

 Why tooth extraction may be necessary

  1. Orthodontic extractions: An orthodontist may require tooth/ teeth extractions to create space and remove crowding issues.
  2. Cracked tooth: If a crack is present in the root of a symptomatic tooth (often caused by excessive grinding) then extraction is often the only option.
  3. Gum disease: Untreated, or severe chronic gum disease, can lead to the loss of the supporting structures around the teeth, and as a result these teeth become mobile. If these teeth are not responding to periodontal treatment they eventually need extracting.
  4. Badly broken teeth: Some teeth have fractured or decayed so severely that they cannot be successfully restored. These teeth often need to be extracted.
  5. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy: Chemotherapy weakens the immune system and as a result infections can occur in the mouth, particularly in vulnerable teeth and gums. In such instances tooth extraction could be recommended, but only after a thorough dental examination and consultation with medical doctors.

Prior to the removal of any tooth, the experienced dentists at Wyatt Ryan Dental will carefully advise you on your options for a suitable replacement tooth. We take time to listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have. It is a priority of ours to ensure you fully understand, and are comfortable with the dental treatment recommended to you.It is imperative you also understand the long-term implications of the treatment you receive from us.

Fortunately, there are many tooth replacement options available and these include cosmetic crowns and bridges,  removable partial dentures, a fixed bridge or dental implants.

Be assured that the experienced and caring dentists at Wyatt Ryan Dental are passionate about providing a calm and reassuring environment for all our patients. We are happy to listen to you concerns and answer any questions you might have, so please contact us. It is a priority of ours to ensure you fully understand and are comfortable about any dental treatment recommended to you.