Root canal therapy Geelong

Our dentists have extensive experience in the field of root canal treatment. The primary reason you would need root canal treatment is because of an infected nerve (abscess) as a result of severe decay, cracks, trauma or other types of pathology such as cysts.

Endodontics involves the removal of infection from within the chambers and canals of the tooth. These internal chambers and canals are then disinfected and shaped before being completely filled in order to prevent further infection.

Completion of root canal treatment can take one or several appointments, depending on which tooth is infected and the severity of the infection.

Our Geelong dentists will discuss the procedure with you, including what is involved, number of appointments and cost. Any of your questions will be answered. Your decision to commit to endodontic treatment does not have to be made on the first day – a dressing is placed, as well as a temporary filling. This allows symptoms to settle and treatment decisions to be made.

Endodontics may be required to save a tooth, however if the damage, infection or decay is too severe it may be necessary to consider tooth extraction. Again, our Geelong dentists will consider all options open to you and make sure you fully understand your treatment options.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to make an appointment. We can help with a range of dental services in Geelong, such as dental bridges & crowns, through to fillings and wisdom teeth removal.