Dentures Geelong

As we age there are often significant changes to our mouth, gums and teeth. Our teeth have endured years of wear and tear and gradually become brittle, resulting in chips and cracks and even deep decay. Gum disease (periodontitis) can lead to the destruction of the gums and the loss of the supporting bone around the teeth. These teeth may require tooth extraction.

A denture is the most cost-effective way to replace a missing tooth, or teeth. A partial denture can replace one or several teeth and can be made from a variety of materials, while full dentures, usually made of acrylic, replace all of your teeth. An over denture is another type of denture that fits over the top of dental implants. This is a very secure way to retain a denture in place whilst eating, laughing and smiling.

Dentures or false teeth are prosthetic devices that replace missing teeth. Whereas our dentists would recommend dental implants or dental bridges where only one or a small number of teeth are missing, dentures are a common solution where a considerable number of teeth are missing.

At Wyatt Ryan Dental our dentists are all very experienced in the design and construction of partial and full dentures. We work closely with our laboratories to ensure dentures fit very comfortably, are aesthetically pleasing and can be repaired promptly.

For all denture work and repairs, contact our Geelong dental clinic in Moorabool Street. Our friendly and professional team will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the look, feel and fit of your dentures.