Dental bridges & crowns, Geelong

A crown is a tooth-shaped restoration, or ‘cap’, that completely covers and protects the natural tooth. It is a way to strengthen a severely compromised and weakened tooth. A crown is an excellent option when the tooth is unlikely to be able to support an extremely large filling in the long term. A crown is also indicated when a tooth has a significant crack, or on some occasions, has had root canal treatment.

The procedure for making a crown usually involves two appointments with a dentist at Geelong’s Wyatt Ryan Dental. In the initial appointment, our experienced dentists prepare the tooth, take impressions and then fit a temporary crown to your tooth. A professional laboratory then fabricates the crown, which in the second appointment is fitted and permanently cemented onto your tooth.

A bridge is a permanent way to replace a missing tooth. A bridge is a rigid, single structure which is made up of crowns that fit over teeth that sit on either side of a gap created by a missing tooth. These crowns carry a ‘false’ tooth that then fills in the gap of the missing tooth.

Dental crowns and bridges can be constructed from various types of materials. All-ceramic and porcelain crowns and bridges are used where aesthetic demands are a priority. Porcelain bonded to metal materials are used when a combination of aesthetics and strength is required, with the porcelain being placed on the visible surfaces of the tooth. Gold alloy crowns and dental bridges are considered the most durable option and are recommended when function is a priority but not the cosmetic appearance.

At Wyatt Ryan Dental our experienced and professional dentists will discuss the most appropriate treatment options with you, including design aspects and type of materials best suited to your individual needs.

After X-rays and a dental examination of your mouth and jaw, our dentist can recommend the most appropriate treatment for you. You may need endodontics (root canal therapy) to try to repair a tooth prior to capping it with a crown, or possibly dental extraction where a tooth cannot be saved.

Whatever procedures we recommend, our experienced team will talk you through all treatment options available at our Geelong dental clinic. Contact us to make an appointment today.