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Oral Care Tips from Geelong’s Leading Dentists

August 11, 2020While our team of dentists enjoy seeing you in our Geelong clinic, the goal is always to maintain your oral hygiene so that your appointments to us are less frequent, ideally around twice a year. This can be achieved by taking care of your teeth and engaging in healthy oral behaviours. A dental care routine...
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Dental implants

5 Benefits of dental implants from our Geelong dentists

July 14, 2020Wyatt Ryan provides high-quality dental implants for our Geelong clients. There are three main reasons that people may opt to get dental implants, this may be because they have recently had a tooth extraction, a teeth infection, or experienced dental trauma. 1. Looks a lot more natural than many other options Wyatt Ryan offers a...
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Dentists in Geelong now open for appointments

June 29, 2020The last couple of months have been tough for many, with COVID-19 impacting all of our lives in one way or another, to varying severity. Our dentists in Geelong are happy to announce that after closing our doors during Stage 3 Restrictions, we are now open again and ready to see both our amazing existing...
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Tooth extraction Geelong

Tooth extraction for Geelong residents of all ages

April 15, 2020From small children to older adults, our team of dentists is your local experts for tooth extraction in Geelong. Our focus on high-quality service means that we prioritise your comfort, and aim to make all people feel at ease in our practice. From simple tooth extractions to surgical extractions, our highly experienced dental team is...
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When was the last time you saw your Geelong dentist?

February 11, 2020The important of have a regular dental examination In general, our Geelong dentists recommend that you visit us for a checkup at least every 6-months to ensure your teeth and gums are as healthy as possible. This can vary from person to person based on your level of dental health, however if you haven’t seen...
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Our dentists make tooth extraction less stressful for Geelong families

December 20, 2019Whether you are 40 years old or four, no-one faces the prospect of tooth extraction in Geelong with enjoyment. And while that may be the case, Wyatt Ryan Dental’s experienced team works hard to make the process as simple, painless and comfortable as possible. If you are an adult coming in to have a tooth...
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Dental care tips from our Geelong dentists

September 17, 2019At Wyatt Ryan Dental, our Geelong dentists want everyone to have healthy teeth and gums. That’s why we’ve put together five top tips on how to care for your teeth. Our top tips are: See a dentist regularly. With regular check-ups, Geelong dentists can pick up any small issues before they become costly problems. We...
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Teeth whitening in your Geelong home

August 16, 2019Did you know our dentists offer tailor-made packages for teeth whitening in Geelong that you can carry out in your own home? That’s right – a quality dental treatment in the comfort of your home. It’s a treatment that’s accessed through Wyatt Ryan Dental, with progress monitored by our highly-qualified staff. If you are worried...
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Decrease pain and maintain oral health with wisdom teeth removal in Geelong

June 25, 2019When a wisdom tooth doesn’t have enough room to erupt correctly, it can cause serious pain and affect the health of neighbouring teeth in your mouth. From dental decay to facial swelling and full-on infection, wisdom teeth problems need to be dealt with as soon as possible. And one solution that dentists may recommend is...
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Dental X-rays can help Geelong dentists find a solution to your pain

May 22, 2019Dental X-rays in Geelong are a vital tool for dentists as they work hard to find solutions for patients presenting with pain. Often dental issues that can cause you the most pain are not visible to the naked eye during an examination. That’s where X-ray technology is so valuable, giving dentists the ability to clearly...
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