Dental implants giving Geelong an alternative to dentures

October 30, 2016

Traditional full dentures can be hard to keep in place, making biting and chewing difficult, and that’s why many people turn to dental implants as a great solution on both functional and aesthetic fronts.

So what is a dental implant? It’s a titanium screw that works as a post or root, placed surgically in the jaw so it bonds to the bone. It becomes the foundation for a replacement tooth. Implants can be used to anchor bridges for clients needing several teeth replaced and they also act as an efficient support for dentures.

When it comes to quality dental implants Geelong clients can turn to our trusted and experienced team at Wyatt Ryan Dental for help. We will discuss your options carefully with you and recommend the most effective treatment path to take.

If you have lost teeth to disease or injury or have had them pulled out, opting for implant-supported dentures can make a positive difference in areas including function and appearance.

Examples of dental implant in Geelong include:

  • A dentist adding two implants to support a full lower denture, using a special attachment to anchor it strongly. Not only is the denture secure and stable, it’s also possible to remove it for cleaning purposes.
  • Anchoring a fixed bridge to the lower jaw with several implants, giving you artificial teeth that look and work like natural ones.

Just like your natural teeth, you need to be committed to caring for your dental implants. That means brushing and flossing regularly. And make sure you continue to have regular dental check-ups too.

At Wyatt Ryan Dental we want our clients to be fully informed about their dental treatment and care every step of the way. We’re happy to answer any questions about dental implants Geelong people might have so they can make knowledgeable decisions that are right for them.

If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Wyatt Ryan Dental.