Expert teeth whitening in Geelong

June 26, 2022

Wyatt Ryan Dental is a safe way to get expert teeth whitening in Geelong, without putting your oral health at risk.

Bright, white teeth are in demand. Social media is full of brilliant white smiles and perfect teeth. It’s a similar story in magazines and on TV. So it’s no wonder that people, especially young adults, are embracing the concept.

In fact, an Australian Dental Association survey carried out two years ago found one in five people chose to bleach their teeth. The survey, which polled 25,000 people, revealed under 50 per cent of them carried out teeth whitening with a dentist supervising the process.

At Wyatt Ryan Dental, we love helping people achieve a brighter smile, but we want them to stay safe during the aesthetic improvement. We provide personalised tooth-whitening kits for our patients and then carefully monitor their process.

With expert help and supervision from our highly-trained dentists, coupled with quality products, you can enjoy a visibly whiter smile in about two weeks. After an initial consultation and examination, we provide custom-made trays that will comfortably fit your teeth, whitening gel at an appropriate strength and clear instructions. And while you get to carry out the treatment at home, we monitor your progress. We have your best oral health at heart.

Safe results

People who chose to buy online kits, rather than go through experienced dentists, don’t always know what they’re actually getting. They can put themselves at risk of issues including sensitive teeth and even chemical burns.

So why flirt with possible danger? Why risk your oral health? Our dentists can help you achieve the results you want safely. We’re also happy to answer questions and talk you through the process.

Many factors can impact the colour of your teeth. These include coffee and tea, certain medications taken in early childhood, the food you eat and simply getting older. Whitening your teeth with the help of dental professionals is a safe way to undo the damage and enhance your smile.

If you would like to discuss the process of teeth whitening in Geelong, please contact Wyatt Ryan Dental’s friendly team today.


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