Value of quality dentures for Geelong patients

February 28, 2022

At Wyatt Ryan Dental, we see time and again how patients’ lives improve with quality dentures in Geelong.

Their confidence lifts as they feel happier about their appearance. Custom-fit dentures, which are removable false teeth, also make it easier for people to eat and speak clearly. These benefits can make a startling difference to people’s wellbeing and social engagement.

Our hard-working teeth and gums take a hammering over the years. It’s not surprising they sustain damage including chips, serious wear and decay as the years march on. And it might be that removing impacted teeth becomes a necessary approach.

Whether you’ve got a few teeth missing or most of them, dentures can be a great option. These custom-made prosthetic devices come in a variety of forms. These include full dentures, partial dentures and over dentures.

Our dentists have vast experience when it comes to design, construction and fitting a variety of affordable dentures in Geelong. We talk to our patients, educate them on dentures and discuss their options.

Expert advice

Perhaps they need full dentures, which replace their upper or lower teeth or both. Usually made of acrylic, the denture rests snuggly on the gum. Partial dentures, however, are designed to replace a small number of teeth. And then there is the option of over dentures, which as the name suggests, go over dental implants.

But the first step is seeking expert advice from your dentist. We want you to have functioning teeth and good oral health. So come in and let’s have a conversation about whether dentures are a sensible option for you.

Getting used to wearing dentures can take a month or two. We make sure they are comfortable, look good and that you are happy with the results.

Our experienced dentists also understand just how important it is to educate patients on denture care and gum care. We don’t want them to get infections or sore gums. And if you have a problem, come in and see us. We are here to help.

For more information on dentures Geelong people know where to turn. And that’s to us – Wyatt Ryan Dental. Please contact us on 03 5229 5547 to book an appointment.


Quality dentures for Geelong people.