Long-lasting teeth whitening services for Geelong patients

October 4, 2021

Are you looking for long-lasting teeth whitening services in Geelong to make you stand out from the crowd with beautiful pearly whites?

Then look no further than entrusting the expert team at Wyatt Ryan in Geelong with excellent and affordable teeth whitening services.

The team at Wyatt Ryan has over 20+ years of experience in all elements of dentistry across multiple countries around the globe and has all the know-how to carry you through treatment to get your teeth looking perfect and white again.

The aesthetic of pearly white teeth is something that we all strive for and it can be so easy with the right assistance and treatment.

Our team at Wyatt Ryan are able to provide general consultation procedures to set you on a plan to get back to having perfectly white teeth that will give you plenty of self-confidence.

Generally, diet and ageing can lead to changes in the colour of your teeth and drinks such as coffee, tea and wine and even smoking all play a negative part on your teeth colour. However, you can regain a brighter, whiter smile with the help of our professional dentists and staff at Wyatt Ryan Dental, Geelong where we can set you on a path of positivity.

Our team are able to offer a supervised regime after a thorough examination and consultation with our experienced dentists, where you can receive your personalised tooth-whitening package. Our packages include custom-made trays that fit your teeth perfectly, as well as the whitening gel. To achieve stable, long-term results the procedure takes about two weeks. Our staff monitor your progress as your treatment is undertaken and can assist you with any of your queries.

Both our in house whitening and home kits can be amazingly effective and are able to be tailored to your personal needs.

So what are you waiting for!

Give us a call today and let us help you achieve pearly whites for years to come!


Teeth whitening in Geelong