The value of professionally made mouthguards for Geelong patients

August 20, 2021

By wearing quality mouthguards Geelong people are adding a valuable layer of protection to their teeth whenever they take part in their chosen sport.

The trusty sports mouthguard can save you from a world of hurt. While cheaper products you can buy off-the-shelf offer some protection, ones that are custom-made by professionals to fit your mouth will be a superior shield.

Whether you play sports such as hockey, soccer or football or take part in martial arts or boxing, you need to protect your mouth. Balls, sticks and collisions can cause serious damage including broken teeth and even jaw if players are unprotected.

With well-fitting mouthguards Geelong people get the benefit of the device’s shock absorbing properties that spread the force of any contact over the whole mouth. They also provide a protective barrier between upper and lower teeth. Because dentists use an impression of their client’s teeth to form an accurate mould, the end product’s fit will be comfortable and snug.

Tailored protection

At Wyatt Ryan Dental, we want everyone to enjoy their sport safely. And that means putting on protective kit whenever you take to the field, the court or the ring. A quality mouthguard that’s a custom fit should always be part of your safety equation, during training sessions as well as on game day.

Are you about to take up a contact sport and want tailored protection for your teeth? Have you outgrown your current mouthguard? Are you due to get braces and want to know how to keep your teeth safe on the footy field?

For all these questions and more, turn to our experienced team of dentists for advice. We can provide answers and guide you through the process of getting a mouthguard that offers quality protection. We can also give you practical information on how to care for it so its lifespan is maximised.

Your teeth have a huge role to play over your lifetime. So take care of them. Protect them from harm. By all means play sport – it’s great for your physical and mental health. But please wear a mouthguard. It can save you from serious dental injury.

For quality mouthguards Geelong people can turn to Wyatt Ryan Dental’s experienced team for help. Please contact us on (03) 5229 5547 to book an appointment.


Teeth mold model.