Monthly Archive: April 2021

Dental implants in Geelong

Looking for long lasting dental implants in Geelong?

April 22, 2021Are you someone that has lost the root portions of a tooth due to infection or trauma? If yes, then head into Wyatt Ryan and see the experts, save your teeth and have you smiling for years to come. At Wyatt Ryan, we specialise in not just general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry tasks but have...
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Dentists Geelong

Your local and trusted dentists in Geelong

April 14, 2021When you think of dentists in Geelong, think Wyatt Ryan! Wyatt Ryan Dental offers comprehensive dental services at their clinic in Geelong across a multitude of domains including generic paediatric dentistry, dental examinations, tooth extractions and cosmetic dentistry services. We also provide high-quality fillings, ensuring your smile shines for years to come. Our experienced dentists including...
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