Put your dental care in the experienced hands of Wyatt Ryan in Geelong

December 18, 2020


When it comes to dental care in Geelong, residents want a dentist they can trust.

They want experienced dentists who keep them fully informed of their options, who offer practical advice on oral hygiene and care and provide a comprehensive range of dental services to people of all ages.

At Wyatt Ryan Dental, we tick all those boxes. Our professional, friendly team is passionate about helping every client achieve the best possible outcome with their oral care.

With years of collective dentistry experience, our team has built a strong reputation for excellence. In fact, our central Geelong practice was among the first ten practices Australia-wide to earn official accreditation with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. We remain committed to on-going study to keep abreast of new developments and techniques.

Whether you are a child trying out the dentist’s chair for the first examination, or an octogenarian wanting dentures, we’ve got you covered.

Our Wyatt Ryan team believes education on dental care helps empower people to look after their teeth. We are happy to help children learn valuable techniques – such as the best way to brush their teeth – so they develop great oral hygiene habits. And we know those early preventative steps to keep tooth decay and other problems at bay can make a huge difference in the years to come.

While we love seeing individual clients come through our doors, we gain real satisfaction when we can help several generations within families. From two year olds to 92 year olds, you are all welcome at Wyatt Ryan Dental.

So if you are on the hunt for professional, caring dentists in Geelong, please contact our friendly team on 03 5229 5547 today.

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