Professional child dentist in Geelong provides quality oral care for kids

November 1, 2020


Parents want their children to enjoy quality health care, so make sure a child dentist in Geelong is part of that equation.

At Wyatt Ryan Dental, we urge parents to book a first dental visit for their kids no later than two years of age.

It’s all about early introduction to oral care. It’s about starting their life-long good behaviour in looking after their teeth and gums. And, just as important, it’s about making sure that first examination is fun, stress-free and comfortable for the youngsters.

Our experienced and caring dentists are passionate about oral care for kids. And we know stripping away any possible fear factor helps make trips to the dentist a positive experience.

So that’s what we do. And we enlist the help of mums and dads too, encouraging them to familiarise kids with a dental clinic environment by letting them tag along to a parent’s examination. We can give them a ride in the dentist’s chair and let them ask questions. It’s an ice breaker and kids enjoy the experience.

When it comes to child dentistry Geelong-based Wyatt Ryan Dental works hard to prevent tooth decay in their young charges. We aim to educate kids and adults about caring for their oral hygiene. We also offer advice on foods and drinks to avoid.

Regular dental visits – we advise every six months – also give dentists the opportunity to catch any signs of trouble with youngsters’ teeth. That means we can take corrective action immediately, before tooth decay creates a large problem. Techniques such as fissure sealants are a key way to help reduce the risk of decay.

We can also keep a watching brief on the progress and pattern of adult teeth as they emerge.

Our experienced dentists know how to engage with children. We include them in our conversations, helping our young patients to take control of their oral health. From learning about brushing techniques to toothpaste, flossing and which foods to avoid, we can help. You can also ask us about mouthguards to protect against sporting injuries and orthodontic issues too.

But it’s not just the dentists who make visits to our dental clinic go smoothly. Our dental nurses play a huge role in keeping kids happy and relaxed in the dental chair. In fact, the positive experience starts at the front counter with our friendly administrative staff.

So be proactive about your young child’s oral health and book an appointment with Wyatt Ryan Dental on 03 5229 5547 today.

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