5 Benefits of dental implants from our Geelong dentists

July 14, 2020

Wyatt Ryan provides high-quality dental implants for our Geelong clients. There are three main reasons that people may opt to get dental implants, this may be because they have recently had a tooth extraction, a teeth infection, or experienced dental trauma.

1. Looks a lot more natural than many other options

Wyatt Ryan offers a range of dental implants of different sizes, colours, and shapes, meaning we can provide you with the ideal dental implant to match your mouth so that it just looks like another tooth.

2. No change to your natural bite

The difference between dental implants and other tooth replacements options is that dental implants are attached to your mouth with titanium that replaces the root of the tooth, this means that the dental implant is anchored into your mouth the same way a normal tooth would. This means that your bite isn’t affected like it is with many other tooth replacement options that simply sit on top of the gums.

3. You can still eat normally

As your bite isn’t impacted by a dental implant, you can still eat the foods you love with no restrictions.

4. Say goodbye to cavities

Wyatt Ryan’s dental implants are made of a material that doesn’t decay in your mouth. While we still recommend you clean and care for your implant to prevent the growth of bacteria, you obviously won’t have to deal with any cavities.

5. Dental implants provide support to surrounding teeth

Having a gap between your teeth for an extended period of time, causing the surrounding teeth to move, leading to you not having straight teeth. Having a dental implant will prevent this from occurring.

Contact the team at Wyatt Ryan today to find out more about our dental implants in Geelong, some of our clients have said that dental implants have literally changed their lives, so it’s worth at least finding out if this option is right for you.

A cross-section view of a dental implant.