Tooth extraction for Geelong residents of all ages

April 15, 2020

From small children to older adults, our team of dentists is your local experts for tooth extraction in Geelong. Our focus on high-quality service means that we prioritise your comfort, and aim to make all people feel at ease in our practice.

From simple tooth extractions to surgical extractions, our highly experienced dental team is highly skilled in a range of tooth extractions, ensuring you receive comprehensive dental care. Our care also doesn’t simply end at the tooth extraction stage, we will also make sure that you are well informed about your treatment options in terms of replacing the tooth or any aftercare that may be necessary.

When teeth should be extracted by a dentist

There is a large range of situations in which a tooth extraction carried out by a qualified dentist may be necessary. Some of these include:

Wisdom teeth

Often wisdom teeth need to be removed to prevent damage to the gums or other teeth, if these teeth aren’t removed that can cause immense pain, tooth decay, discomfort or even infection. Wyatt Ryan’s Dental Surgeons can extract your wisdom teeth, relieving your pain and assisting in your quick recovery.

Damaged teeth

Whether you have cracked a tooth and have tooth fracture, a dentist will need to examine the tooth and make a decision on whether or not tooth extraction is the best option for you, often it’s the case that tooth extraction is the best option if extensive damage has occurred.

Gum disease or infection

Gum disease or bad infections can sometimes damage the supporting structures around the tooth, if other treatments and medications are unable to save the tooth then it will need to be extracted. It’s critical if you are experiencing pain in your gums or teeth to see your dentist as soon as possible, giving you the best chance of avoiding a full tooth extraction.

Please contact us to find out more about our tooth extraction in Geelong or to book an appointment.

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