Why you should ask your Geelong dentist about dental implants

March 31, 2019

To get the full, white and functional smile you’ve always wanted, you need a strong foundation.

That foundation will allow you to have complete function and permanent use of your teeth. And for people in Geelong dental implantsĀ are a great option to help achieve your goals.

Whether you are replacing a single tooth, a couple or half your mouth, dental implants are the natural solution to achieve a positive result in regards to aesthetics, function, durability and longevity.

When it comes to dental implants Geelong dentists at Wyatt Ryan Dental have got you covered. Our experienced team can advise you of your options, explain the advantages of this important area of dentistry, carry out the work and make sure you understand the best way to care for your new dental implants.

So what actually is a dental implant? Put simply, it’s a titanium screw placed into your jaw through surgery. The screw, which bonds with the bone, is the foundation for artificial teeth that replace ones lost to extraction, trauma or infection.

Perhaps you only need one implant to fill a prominent gap left when a sporting collision knocked out a tooth. Or maybe if you are missing many teeth, you can use well-placed implants to support bridgework to replace the absent teeth. They also support dentures effectively, allowing dentures to function normally, work and fit more comfortably and chew more effectively.

With quality dental implants Geelong people can feel confident their smile looks good, their teeth won’t ‘slip’ like dentures can sometimes do and they’ll work well. Couple those benefits with their durability and the fact they don’t get holes, and it’s no wonder people are wanting information about dental implants.

It’s also important to note that dentists can ensure the replacement tooth matches the colour of your existing teeth so it looks natural and also fits snugly into the gap left by the missing tooth.

For dental implants Geelong people know they can rely on the experienced dentists at Wyatt Ryan Dental for a quality result. Please contact us today to book an appointment.