Custom-made Geelong mouthguards protect your teeth during sport

January 31, 2019

No matter what sport you play, protecting your teeth with a custom-made mouthguard from a Geelong dentist should be a priority.

Mouthguards are a vital piece of protective equipment, helping to prevent potential major trauma to teeth that can lead to a lifetime of dental issues.

Whether boxing or martial arts are your sports of choice, or you prefer football, hockey, basketball, netball or soccer, a mouthguard is as necessary as good footwear or shin pads in your line-up of equipment. And you need to wear one the minute you take to the field for match day or training sessions, no matter whether you are a child, a teen or an adult.

At Wyatt Ryan Dental, we know the difference a well-fitted, custom-made Geelong mouthguard can make when it comes to protecting teeth, gums and jaws. We see the damage triggered by accidental contact of bodies, sticks and balls during sport and we urge people to make wearing mouthguards a priority.

The Australian Dental Association states that dental experts treat thousands of people every year for injuries that mouthguards could have minimised or even prevented. Damage ranges from broken jaws, teeth knocked out, cracked or broken and cuts to lips and tongue.

Put simply, mouthguards act as a valuable shock absorber for the mouth against contact and provide a physical barrier between upper and lower teeth.

While people can readily buy off-the-shelf mouthguards, having one that is made specifically for the shape of your mouth and professionally adjusted and fitted by your dentist offers superior protection.

Dentists take an impression of your teeth to create an accurate mould to form the mouthguard. A custom-fit product is more comfortable than store-bought ones shaped using hot water, will provide better protection and can even be created in a wide range of colour combinations.

So next time you grab your hockey stick, strap on your soccer shin pads or pull on your footy jumper, think about that other vital piece of sporting equipment you need. Think about your mouthguard. And then make sure it’s firmly in place before you take to the field.

If you need a custom-fit Geelong mouthguard to protect your teeth or your children’s while playing sport, please contact our friendly team at Wyatt Ryan Dental to book an appointment.