Shining a spotlight on hypomineralised teeth

October 31, 2018

As parents, we want our kids to have clean, bright, white smiles.

And when problems of chalky teeth, a common name for hypomineralised teeth, raise their heads we go looking for answers and treatment options.

At Wyatt Ryan Dental, hypomineralisation of molars and incisors is not an uncommon sight, with six-year molars among the teeth most frequently impacted. People with this condition have teeth that contain lower amounts of calcium mineral than usual.

Patients can present with marks on their teeth ranging from stark white to yellow and brown. Teeth can also be sensitive and, because of weakened enamel, prone to decay.

We recommend people suffering from hypomineralisation get regular check ups so dentists keep on top of the condition.

Our team believes that education is vital when it comes to quality dental care and health. That’s why we are happy to direct parents of children with hypomineralised teeth and other interested people to The D3 Group’s informative website¬†as a trusted resource. D3, which stands for Developmental Dental Defects, shines the spotlight on chalky teeth issues and calls for research and education on this widespread dental problem.

The D3 Group includes dental practitioners, researchers and professionals in the public health industry in Australasia.

With its easy-to-understand information, D3’s website provides a wealth of information for people with hypomineralised teeth and their families. It also outlines approaches dentists can take to deal with chalky teeth, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition.

While good oral hygiene is crucial for people with this complaint, dentists can recommend at-home application of a special toothpaste or gel to promote harder teeth for mild cases of hypomineralisation. Fissure sealants can also help.

For moderate cases, dental fillings may be the way to go. And when the problem is serious, options can include crowns and even extraction.

If you are worried about the colour of your teeth, or your children’s, then it’s time to book a check up with an experienced dentist from Wyatt Ryan Dental.

We are happy to provide professional advice, answer your questions and tailor a treatment plan to ensure you get quality dental care now and in the future. Please contact our team to book an appointment.