Great dental resources for Geelong patients

September 23, 2018

When you are on the hunt for information about dental care and oral hygiene tips, where do you go?

Your first port of call is your trusted dentist. At Wyatt Ryan Dental, we believe knowledge is a key to achieving optimum dental health and we’re always happy to offer practical, professional advice to our patients. Whether you want tips about brushing and flossing techniques or a strategy about teeth-friendly foods, we can help.

But there are other great resources out there for people too. The Australian Dental Association, which ran its Dental Health Week awareness campaign last month, is a wonderful source of information for both parents and kids. Their Watch Your Mouth site, is full of practical tips for the family, displayed in an easy-to-understand way.

From information on how diet impacts your teeth to hammering home the message that flossing should never be “optional” dental care, there’s a wealth of knowledge for people to soak up on this site such as –

  • Kids should start flossing their teeth by the age of eight;
  • Spend two minutes brushing your teeth for a thorough clean, and do this morning and night;
  • Don’t forget to brush your tongue;
  • And replace your tooth brush every three months or earlier if the bristles are worn.

We have listed a few organisations on our resources page that we think can provide you with valuable information about dental care and oral hygiene.

When you are trying to educate your children about caring for their teeth and gums, it can sometimes be hard to get the message across.

They’d rather play with Lego than brush their teeth. The footy’s on the tellie or Deadly 60 is about to come on, they want to play outside……and cleaning their teeth is not a priority for them. So how can you change their mindset? How do you teach them the correct technique? And how do you get them to brush for two minutes?

That’s when resources – starting with your friendly family dentist – can help with ideas, tips and correct techniques. So use those resources, ask us questions and let us help keep your family’s dental care on track.

For more information, please contact Wyatt Ryan Dental’s friendly team.