Regular dental examinations in Geelong keep job hunters smiling

January 31, 2018

Recent research has revealed that many US millennials fear the poor condition of their teeth is holding them back in job interviews.

The study, carried out by researchers at the American Dental Association, found that almost 30 per cent of people aged between 18 and 34 believed the appearance of their teeth negatively impacted on their chances of success during interviews.

And with competition fierce among job hunters in Australia, what’s the solution for people who worry the appearance of their teeth will block their progress in their search for employment? The answer is to book a dental examination in Geelong with an experienced professional from Wyatt Ryan Dental’s talented team and start the process of improving your oral health.

At Wyatt Ryan Dental, we believe that regular dental examinations in Geelong are a key to good oral health. Whether your dentist recommends a visit to the clinic every six months or even annually, these scheduled visits centre on preventing any small issues from becoming big problems.

Our dentists can carry out a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums – including taking X-rays if necessary – to uncover any issues. A thorough cleaning is part of the examination process, stripping away any tartar and plaque build up on your teeth.

If you are worried that the appearance and health of your teeth is hindering your job prospects, then talk to our professional team about your fears. Then together we can plan and carry out a quality dental solution to get the smile back on your face.

With good oral health, you’ll be able to stride into any interview with more confidence and hopefully get the job you want.

The first step, however, is to visit your dentist. So don’t delay, contact us at Wyatt Ryan Dental today to book dental examinations in Geelong with our friendly staff to help you improve your oral health and your job prospects.